7 Ways a Donald Trump Presidency Can Affect Your Business

Are you glad the election is over? Well, there’s no doubt about it: this year was an exciting election year. There have also been many misconceptions about some politicians due to media bias and ideas that have their roots in Globalism.

It truly is the day and age when one has to think carefully and research for themselves when watching the nightly news to decide what they believe.

But, now that Donald Trump has been declared the President and will be taking office on January 20th, you might wonder what you can expect in the coming years with a Donald Trump Presidency — especially as a business owner or entrepreneur.

Donald Trump as the President

So Far, So Good

No matter which side of the aisle you voted, no one can deny that the things Trump has done so far are quite impressive. He has created 50,000 new jobs already when he made a deal in Trump Tower with the Japanese CEO of the SoftBank Corporation. He has made deals with the Taiwanese government that will increase our trade with that country and bring better technology and jobs to the U.S. There are other things in the works, too, that should prove to give the economy a much-needed shot in the arm.

We’ve outlined these seven things that we think will be forthcoming regarding business in the coming years with Trump at the helm. We base these ideas on both his track record as a successful businessman as well as the recent deals he has made with American and foreign countries that will be prevalent in the business world in the coming years.

Seven Things to Expect with Trump at the Helm

Trump is a savvy and successful businessman. It is predicted that he will run the country in a similar way that he has run his business, with practical, no-nonsense logic. He’s a doer, not just a dreamer and many have high hopes that he will transform the struggling market and economy into a field of opportunities for the small business owner.

Jobs Will Come Back Home

If Trump is anything, he’s a Nationalist. The Globalist movement had attempted to create a one-world government that threatened the sovereignty of the United States that seemed to put no limits on trade. With a Trump presidency, you will see a return to patriotism and a love of country, and with that, you’ll see jobs come back to America.

This is not just something Trump states. He has lived it. He has hired many different people of all races, creeds, and ideas for his American companies and he plans to instill this same loyalty to Americanism within his bills and legislations that he presents during his term.

You will have an opportunity to hire more workers within your company as more money will be kept within the United States, which will also be more lucrative for you as a business owner.

Higher Quality Workers

With a higher number of domestic workers, you will also have higher-quality labor. While there are exceptions to this rule, when you outsource to India or China or other foreign countries, you may get more en masse, but the quality is the price you pay for quantity. Trump plans to reward companies who keep jobs within the United States, so you will get better quality over all if you keep the jobs domestic.

Some big companies such as Ford and Apple, who had previously subscribed to the Globalist movement, are now moving factories back home as well. Many other are expected to take the lead. Remember what Trump is trying to do is to create opportunities for America. People and businesses who are loyal to America will be rewarded.

Lower Taxes for Business Owners

As a business owner himself for many decades, Trump knows the importance of keeping business expenses low and profit high. He plans to give priority to business owners by lowering the amount of tax they will have to spend to maintain their business from 35% to 15% while raising the tax on businesses who move out of the country from 15% to 35%.

This is not a punishment but an incentive for companies who choose to create jobs within the U.S. that will in turn fuel the American economy and “make America great again.”

Equality for All Workers

Trump has shows time and time again that he is fair to all employees, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or beliefs. He wants there to be legal immigration and for people to come into America through the legal process of citizenship. But with fewer illegal immigrants competing for jobs, only the legal Americanized citizens will be allowed to compete for those jobs. This will also lower the risk your business has with not knowing who they have on their payroll.

Money Will Be Worth More

Trump not only has plans to bring jobs back to America and to help legal citizens and business owners prosper, but he also plans to reverse the Federal Reserve’s power by backing up our new money with gold, rather than “faith and a prayer,” as it is now. This means your money will be worth more in the end and this will fuel the economy and help increase the confidence of Americans about our monetary system.

Foreign Trade Will Improve

Trump will take the perspective regarding foreign trade of “less is more.” He will still want trade with foreign countries but only those that have America’s best interests at heart, and not just their own. He believes that countries such as China and others have taken advantage of America’s desire for trade in the past and he plans to put an end to that.

What this means for your business is that foreign countries will have to pay the legal tariffs that will be imposed on them and less than good quality items will likely be rejected. The bar will be raised on imports and exports will be limited based on the receiving countries ability to deal fairly with U.S. businesses.

This will help your company grow because you will have fewer returns due to sub-par quality items and the countries you trade with will be required to put out something of value if they want to deal with your company.

More Technology Innovations within the U.S.

Due to the deal, Trump has already made with SoftBank Corporation, you will see a sharp upturn of new innovative technologies that will be built and maintained by American companies and workers. If you are in the tech space or wish to be, this is an excellent opportunity to get in on this opportunity to help create or invent unique tech items in the coming years under a Trump Presidency.

Being a Business Owner in the Trump Presidency World

Well, these are some of the major trends you may expect to see in the coming months and years with Trump at the helm. No matter what your opinion about him has been up to this point, you have to admit he plans to try to bring some positive changes to America and give small businesses many new opportunities that they did not have before.

With lower taxes for business owners, more fair foreign trade, and jobs coming back to America, it should be an encouragement to small business owners that the best is yet to come.┬áNo matter what type of business you are currently running or if you are trying to get your feet wet as an entrepreneur, don’t let the election results deter you in either way. Always stick with the basic principles of success in business and provide a service and product your audience will enjoy. This is the ultimate decision maker in the fate of your entrepreneurial success and business.