Using the Art of Podcasting to Build Your Personal or Business Brand

Are you looking for new and creative ways to promote your personal brand? Tired of using the same old methods to get your information out there? There was a successful television commercial in the 1980s that said: “If you want to capture someone’s attention, whisper.” It was an advertisement for a favorite cologne by the same name. The brand made a good point when they pointed out the power of the voice, even if it is said in a whisper.

Imagine using the power of the voice for your brand. There is a highly effective and innovative tool that you can use to do just that today. It’s called, “podcasting.”

Podcasting evolved from the invention of the iPod by Steve Jobs and Apple. They developed it as a way to allow their users with iPods to store their downloads of audio files and programs, as well as music that they wanted to listen to at a later time.

Podcasting vs. Live feeds

It’s important to understand the difference between podcasting and live audio feeds. While the term “podcasting” is used flexibly and often used wrong regarding audio feeds, a live audio feed is a streamed audio feed that comes from a server. Podcasting is a recorded program that is downloadable for later playback. You can also listen to podcasts online. But if you are listening to a “live feed,” technically, that is not a podcast.

Terminology aside, podcasting is a great tool that is available today to business and site owners who have valuable content that they want to share with their target audience. You can use the advantages of podcasting in any way you choose to, including:

  • Announcing updates to your business– One way that you can effectively utilize the tool of podcasting is to use it to announce updates to your business. Whether you are expanding into a new product line, creating interest in your current products, or adding to what you do, podcasting is a great platform to do this.When people are interested in your content, they will listen to your audio to learn more, and you have a captivated audience.
  • Creating informational programs– Do you have a topic that you want to talk about with your audience? You can create a weekly show on a popular topic or a series of topics that your audience will relate to using podcasting as a tool. This can greatly increase the level of interest and engagement of your target audience and even increase your conversions as a result.
  • Providing information about your products and services– Do you have products that are difficult to use or confusing to some of your customers? You can use podcasting to explain how to do something or to help customers achieve their goals. It can even be something that is not related to your product, but it is a helpful tool to explain how to use your products as well. You could also use podcasting to communicate information using a method that requires people to listen as they go, rather than trusting that they will find the information in a paragraph of text on your page.
  • Having interviews and guest speakers– Do you have interesting acquaintances who are influencers in your niche area? What a great opportunity to increase your credibility by using the social proof of others to promote your brand. Make sure not to make it too sales-oriented and make it about them. Ask about what they do. Help them establish their following on your site so that they have enough skin in the game. Then use the power of your guest to grow your audience. Even after the podcast is over with, you can promote the podcast and have people download it to their mobile devices to listen to later. This can go a long way toward helping your brand to grow by riding on the backs of social influencers in your niche area.
  • Call-in shows– If you have a way to take calls during your podcast shows, this is an outstanding way to generate interest in your brand. Try starting with a show on a topic of great interest or one that is currently trending. Then open the phone lines and take calls like a real radio show. You’ll be amazed at the results you get.

Podcasting is not new, but it is a valuable tool that you should look into using if you are an online brand that needs to promote yourself differently. Perhaps you have articles, videos, photos, and other assets that you are using. Adding podcasting to your line up can greatly jumpstart your business in ways that other types of media and platforms cannot do.

You’ll notice that (see above link) also lists video as a type of podcast. Technically, Podcasting is audio only, but many people use video and put it in a podcast platform so, in this way, you can also include video with your “podcasts.”

Remember that different people prefer different types of media and platforms to get their information. For those “aural” learner and internet radio people out there, podcasting may be just the tool it takes to win them over.

An Advantage of Audio Only

Keep in mind that there is an advantage to creating only audio files for your podcasts. In the early days of radio (the 1940s), it was known as “the theater of the mind.” There is something to be said for creating meaning with audio only. When you produce your podcasts, you should consider using more than just your voice. Invest in a little better mixing software or equipment and create a dramatic podcast that is entertaining.

Do a recorded interview or share a talk show with a guest to spice things up. Then upload it to your podcasting platform.

Be a Radio Star

One great podcast platform that you may want to try is This platform is theme-based and allows you to lure people with specific keywords that help increase the results for your program in the searches. At the same time, you should also list to any of the top business and marketing podcasts ranking at the top of iTunes. These will not only provide you with the content and value you are looking for, but can also give you new ideas on how to create your own content and promote your own personal brand or business.

It is free if you use your phone to broadcast; $39.95 per month if you choose to use a studio microphone. The premium account also allows you to take phone calls within their platform and share them “live” online. Additionally, you can save the files as true podcast files once your live broadcast has ended so that people can share them with others afterward.

Try uploading a previous show to your website for people to download or circulate topics in a way that generates interest in an old topic later on.

If you prefer “internet radio” platforms, look into instead. They offer a complete broadcasting solution that allows you to have an online radio station. This is not podcasting, but it allows you to put your voice out there and produce programs on a regular basis to your target audience, as well. Either way, you can’t lose.

Regardless of how you use it or what platform you use, you’re going to like the doors that podcasting opens for you in promoting your brand and improving your credibility.